What’s the Easiest Way to Melt Large Quantities of Gold

  • gold melting furnace
  • gold melting furnace

For really small quantities of gold, a crucible, some boric acid, and a blow torch will do, but if you’re hoping to find the easiest way togold melting furnace melt larger quantities, you need an induction furnace. Induction furnaces use electricity and resistance to get metals like gold or silver to melt quickly and economically. Rather than just generating large amounts of heat, these furnaces utilize an electric power to melt metals. There are different options as far as a melting furnace for gold is concerned, but induction furnaces are perhaps the cleanest and most technologically sophisticated option on the market today.

An induction melting furnace uses certain properties already inherent in the metal to cause it to melt in the presence of an electromagnet. The electromagnet in the induction furnace is used to generate a pulsating electromagnetic field around the metal that is going to be melted. This pulsating electromagnetic field, in turn causes the gold to become electrically charged. Once this electrical current starts coursing through the metal, resistance is generated which ultimately causes heat. The stronger the magnetic field produced by the electromagnet, the stronger the current that runs through the metal and the hotter the metal becomes. The metal then begins to melt within its crucible inside the melting furnace for gold.

No matter what your reasons for melting gold, an induction furnace offers some important benefits. A melting furnace for gold that uses induction takes up very little floor space in comparison with other metal melting methods. Induction furnaces offer a lot of control over the melting process as well, much of which is programmable. And these machines are remarkably energy efficient with minimum power requirements for the auxiliaries and pumps. Using electricity to melt metal can save businesses time, money, and space. The impressive technologies behind these furnaces have made them popular as a melting furnace for gold.


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