What is Induction Melting of Silver?

It may not come as a surprise that silver is a widely used and one of the most popular metals in this day and age. Its applications are endless as it is not only used in the production of coins or jewelry, but also in the medical industry among others. However, in order to be utilized, it is essential that the mined ore be melted and purified. This is where induction melting comes in the picture.
The following lines will explain everything you should know about the induction melting of silver.

The Process of Melting Silver via Induction Furnaces
silver melting furnacesThe process is not that complex and is very safe and cost effective. It starts with the metal being placed within the range of the magnetic field within the furnace. Over time, the furnace will start generating an electrical surge which will grow exponentially. This electric charge will move through the metal with heavy traces of resistance, creating heat energy that circulates continuously within the silver. After reaching the melting point, the silver will transform into its liquid form. Afterwards, the liquid metal will be stirred and mixed until it is able to maintain its temperature.

This technology eliminates any wastage completely, unlike its predecessors, which were quite prone to dust and pollutants. The functionality is complex but simplistic in nature as the metal is placed in a crucible that is completely surrounded by a water copper coil.

The Advantage of Using Induction Melting Furnace for Silver Melting
There are many advantages to getting silver melted via induction furnaces. For starters, the process becomes quite simplified. It also becomes automated since furnaces come with a high tech control panel. These incredible machines can melt non-ferrous metals aside from silver, ensuring the best value for your money since you get all your melting needs using one furnace.

This revolutionary technology has changed the precious metals mining industries in ways that were unimaginable before.



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