Time Required to Melt 1000kg of Cast Iron Using A Induction Furnace

  • Induction melting furnace

Power consumption at standard kW/kg ratio for Cast Iron (Ingot) is 560 kWh/ton. Means one ton of Cast Iron (Ingots) requires 560 kW for one hour (kWh). This number is varying for the metal to metal. This number is also depends on the type of the physical charge. This number is different if the physical charge is scrap. Power consumption for the melting cast scrap is 575 kWh/ton.

Require time to melt 1000 kg (1 ton) of cast iron is depends on the usage of power consumption from the power supply unit. If the capacity of the power supply is 500 kW and you are operating it on the full power means 500 kW than melting time can be calculated from below equation.

Here, let assume that charge is Cast Iron Ingot. So power consumption will be 560kWh/tonInduction melting furnace

500kw x time (t)                  560 kW x 1 hour
______________ = ___________________
1 ton                                           1 ton

In order to find time, solve above equation for time (t).
Time (t) =     ( 560 kW x 1 hour  ) / ( 1 ton x 500 kW)

Time (t) =     (560 kW x 1 hour) /  500 kW

Time (t) = 1.12 hour

Time (t) = 1.12 hour x 60 minutes = 67.2 minutes = Approx. 68 minutes

Therefore 68 minutes require to melting 1000 kg of cast Iron @ 500 kW.

If the power supply capacity is 700 kW and you are using full power (700kW) than require melting time can be determine using following method.

700 kw x time (t)                 560 kW x 1 hour
______________ = ___________________
1 ton                                      1 ton

In order to find time, solve above equation for time (t).
Time (t) =   ( 560 kW x 1 hour x 1 ton ) / ( 1 ton x 700 kW)
Time (t) =   (560 kW x 1 hour)  /  700 kW

Time (t) = 0.8 hour

Time (t) = 0.8 hour x 60 minutes = 48 minutes

Therefore 48 minutes take for melting 1000 kg of cast Iron @ 700 kW.

Power consumption is also depends on the manufacture of the furnace. Below is power consumption for the Electroheat furnace for different metals.

For Cast Iron melting 550-575 kWh/ton require
For SG Iron melting 550-600 kWh/ton require
For MS/SS melting 600-650 kWh/ton require
For light scrap of Aluminum melting 600-625 kWh/ton require For Solid scrap of Aluminum melting 500-575 kWh/ton require For Steel melting 625 kWh/ton require


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