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Induction Furnace for Aluminum Melting

Visit http://www.electroheatinduction.com
This 200 kW induction furnace contains fully melted Aluminum, with smooth consistency and reduced heat loss. Electroheat Induction supply high quality inducti…

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Induction Furnace for Steel Making

Visit http://www.electroheatinduction.com
In this 300 kW induction furnace for steel making, the steel is molten and smooth, with exceptional consistency and clarity as shown by the stirring rod. At E…

Video Three

Induction furnace working in an Industrial Setting

Visit http://www.electroheatinduction.com
This video shows 300 kW induction furnace working to melt steel at an industrial plant. The metal is fully melted and bubbling evenly in the furnace. Our dedi…

Video Four

Induction hardening of hacksaw blade

This is Induction Hardening of hacksaw blade. For more information visit http://www.electroheatinduction.com or send e-mail [email protected]

Video Five

Silver Furnace

This video is for melting silver precipitate in mining industry. In this video silver metal is pouring in to mold. For more information visit http://www.electroheatinduction.com

Video Six

Induction Melting Furnace

http://www.electroheatinduction.com This is set up for induction melting furnace that include one power supply unit, two melting furnaces (melting pot), DM unit and hydraulic power pock.


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