Selection of Power Supply Unit in Induction Heating Furnace

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Induction heating Furnace for your heating application : Electroheat Induction

Standard Power consumption for induction heating furnace and Induction forging application as per follow.Induction power supply unit
Induction forging application: 400-450 kWh/ton
Induction heating application: 400-450 kWh/ton
Below is the example for selection of induction power supply unit in Induction heating furnace for strip heating.
Strips dimensions: 60mm x 100mm x 38 mm
Material: Steel SAE 5160
Heating Temperature: 950-100°C
Required Heating Volume: 60mm x100mm x 38mm
Capacity requirement: 120 pieces / hour
So, effective volume for heating = 38 x 100 x 60
= 2.28 x 10^5 mm^3                                                                                                                          Induction heating euipment for forging
Weight = Volume x Density
= 2.28 x 10^5 mm^3 x 0.0078 gm/mm^3
= 1778.4 gm
= 1.8kg
Now, required production rate is 120 pieces/ hour. So cycle time would be 30 second/piece. Here, we can consider 15-17 second for heating and 15-13 second for loading and unloading. Ideal production would be 240 pieces in one hour.
Total weight = 1.8 x 240
= 432 kg/ hour
As mentioned above, power consumption in Induction heating furnace is 400 kWh/ ton for heating steel
Required power = 432 kg/ hour x 400 kWh/1000kg
= 172.8 kW
So, 175 kW power supply unit required to achieve target production rate. Here, kWh/ ton are very important factor to calculate power. Each metals have different kWh/ton at different temperature and application. Its depends on type of metal, temperature, application, size of the induction heating furnace, system design etc.



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