Induction Furnace for Steel Melting

Induction Furnace for Steel Melting

Quality Steel Induction Furnaces

steel induction furnacesMost steel plant companies using induction furnaces find it the most convenient method for melting metals. This is because of the many benefits of induction furnace. The induction furnace gets the job done quicker, efficiently and it is also cost-effective. Moreover, it can be used for melting any type of steel regardless of density, size and purity. Let’s look at benefits of induction furnaces in steel melting furnace.

High Production Rate

 Steel companies using induction furnaces do not have to worry about metal production. This is because induction furnaces allow the companies to melt large quantity of metal. Regular furnaces cannot be built as big because metal doesn’t melt evenly. However, an induction furnace ensures that the steel melts evenly, regardless of the size of the furnace. This allows the company to expand metal production effectively. This additional production doesn’t require any additional investment or expenditure.

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Controlled Melting Process

An induction-based furnace allows the user to control the temperatures. This is quite essential for steel plant. The induction furnace can be used by any plant regardless types of the metal they work with. All one has to do is control the heat output of the furnace. If the company is working with metals that melt at low heat, the furnace can be controlled at that temperature.                                 Induction melting furnace for steel

Cost of Operating

Steel plant using induction furnaces save a substantial sum of money on steel production. This is because an induction melting furnaces uses less energy to melt metal. Regular furnaces require large amounts of energy to heat up to high temperatures. However, an induction furnace is operated by electricity. It can apply concentrated heat to any metal without big losses of the energy.  

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