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Induction Heating System

Like most of the equipment you use in your industrial facility, the cost of systems deserves careful consideration. It’s important to understand that the lowest price for induction furnaces is not always the best value. Outside of the dollar figures, there are many things you should take into consideration when pricing induction furnaces.                                                                                      Induction heating system

Induction Systems Cost Factors to Consider

The final price of an induction furnace is relative to the value you’ll receive depending on a number of factors. When you’re looking at the cost of induction systems, keep in mind that an induction furnace is an investment for your industrial facility that should serve you for many years.

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Here are some of the most common measures of induction systems value:
Induction Systems

  • Technology – There are two types of the technology in the induction equipment. One is SCR base equipments and other is IGBT base equipment. IGBT technology is more advance and it has several benefits compare to older technology.
  • Energy costs – Industrial machinery can often eat into your energy bills. Look for an induction furnace that is highly efficient, with a range of power ratings that suits your facility’s systems while running at the lowest possible kW output.
  • Low input KVA – This factor contributes to energy efficiency through average power under actual running conditions.
  • Footprint – The more space your induction furnace takes up in your facility, the less room you’ll have for your operations. Seek out an induction furnace with a compact profile that allows maximized workspace, and is custom built to meet your needs.
  • Equipment quality- Perhaps the most essential consideration for induction systems cost, high quality is a vital ingredient for the extended longevity of your equipment, which increases your return on investment.

At Electroheat Induction, we pride ourselves on the highest quality induction furnaces and heating equipment, with custom designs that offer our clients the best value on Induction systems.

Learn more about our induction systems, or contact us today and receive complimentary assessment and quote for your facility.


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