Induction Heating Systems

Induction Heating System

Induction Heating Systems Are Good For BusinessInduction heating system

As the American economy continues to try and rebuild after the most recent economic downfall, those in the metal processing industries are still trying to seek viable and economical ways to streamline production processes and improve the quality of their work. One tool of the trade that has proven to be useful to businesses in these industries are induction heating system.

Induction Heating Systems are A Cost-Effective Strategy

As energy costs skyrocket across this nation, it’s essential for businesses to save on energy costs to remain competitive. Induction heating uses less energy than traditional heating method that burn fossil fuels and has a shorter cycle time, resulting in a cost saving that will directly influence a business’s bottom dollar. Quality induction heating systems offer precise temperature control and continuous temperature monitoring which reduces unnecessary energy consumption when appropriate low-loss power cables are used.Induction heating for roll hardening

Induction heating systems also don’t require nearly as many component replacements or repairs as other types of furnaces. The parts and components used in induction heating systems don’t degrade nearly as quickly as other types of furnaces. For example, resistance heating makes use of a ceramic fiber insulation which can only be used twice at most. Depending on your workload, the parts in an induction furnace can be used for weeks or months at a time before requiring any repairs or replacement.

Induction Heating Systems offer Versatile Solutions

Induction heating furnaces allow for industries to metalcast a number of different types of metals. Some of the most common metals that are melted in an induction heater include:

  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Aluminum

The coils in the furnace can also easily be repositioned so that the heat is able to evenly heat even incredibly complex pieces, such as gears.

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Induction Heating Systems are A Safer Alternative                                                Induction heating system

The metal casting industries are those which often have an above-injury and fatality rate, many times due to the type of furnace that is being used. Many types of furnaces force employees to work in dangerous or precarious positions that leave them in close proximity to extreme heat. Induction heating is a far more “worker-friendly” type of heater as the induction cables don’t become hot to touch. These furnaces also don’t emit as many pollutants as other types of furnaces, reducing the chance of employees becoming injured by inhaling unhealthy airborne particulate.

Unlike other tools that are often used in metal casting, induction heating and hardening equipment are extremely easy to use; something which helps cut down industry injury rates. All cables and insulation are also extremely easy to install, often taking 15 minutes or less to set up from start to finish.


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