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Benefits of Using Induction Equipment and Furnaces

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When it comes to melting, holding, and casting metals, a number of different types equipment can be used. Those in industries such as the manufacturing and engineering industry are spoiled for choice, but induction equipment and furnaces are quickly becoming the preferred choice for these four reasons:

Increased Efficiency

According to Metals Advisor, a quality induction furnace can improve melting efficiency anywhere from 50% to 70% (Metals Advisor, 2007)(1). As those already using an induction furnace can assure, this method of heating, holding, and casting metals is far more efficient than many other processes. The furnace provides various levels of heating, which allows companies to achieve optimum results with even the most tensile of metals.

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Induction euipment for bush hardening

Lower the Risk of Oxidizing Your Metals

A problem that those working in the metal melting industries often faced prior to using induction equipment and heating was oxidization. Fortunately, a number of technological advancements has significantly reduced the chance of the metal becoming oxidized. The medium frequency and high power density that induction furnaces feature have almost completely removed any risk of metal oxidization, resulting in better quality and more reliable product.

An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Unlike the conventional furnaces of the past, today’s induction equipment and melting furnaces are far cleaner and more energy efficient. Temperatures can be easily and accurately controlled. These furnaces also cause far fewer emissions and pollutants than other melting methods. It all adds up to induction furnaces being much more eco-friendly than other options.

Induction furnace for melting metals

A Cost-Effective Option

Who are using Induction heating equipment in the manufacturing and engineering industry have been able to fully utilize them to create cost-effective solutions for their businesses. This type of furnace allows for clean and easy processing of a wide variety of metals including precious metals. Induction furnace can equipped with advance features that can make melting process efficient. Offering services in Canada, United States, Mexico, Central and South America. Contact us today, for a free assessment.


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