Offering Unparalleled Induction Furnace Efficiency

At Electroheat Induction, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality equipment at competitive pricing, along with value-added service. We use the latest IGBT technology to create custom equipment that suits your precise needs, delivering exceptional efficiency and smooth processes for your facility.

We’ll design a solution that is tailored to your needs, with features that produce dependable and consistent results.

The Benefits of Induction Furnace with Electroheat Induction

Our solutions and systems deliver fully automated and programmable cycles, using advanced technology to improve operator interface, decrease waste, and increase production. You’ll obtain an average increased production rate for the same load demand.

Induction heating equipment and induction furnaces feature efficient heating coils and low-draw systems that vastly improve operational efficiency. Our superior technology gives you ease of operation and precise control over your systems. We offer a comprehensive range of induction furnaces and induction heating equipment, uniquely created to serve your industry.

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