Induction Welding for Large Scale Bonding

Induction Welding

induction meltingFor the tube and pipe industry, one of the most powerful ways to weld is induction welding. This technologically advanced system is fast, efficient and safe. Induction welder is PLC automated, heat is uniform from the start of a job to the finish.

Benefits Induction Welding

Induction welding is very precise, and it heats only the section or part that needs the weld. This means the rest of the metal doesn’t weaken from the heat, causing early failure. The welding machines are also fast and accurate, which cuts down energy and raw material costs.

They’re not labor intensive so labor costs are manageable. There’s no flame involved as in other welding procedures; an electromagnetic current provides the heat. The weld is made directly on the work piece that’s needs joining.

Induction Welding keep the heat constant and are customizable for any of the pipe and tube industries’ needs.


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