Induction Furnace Power Supply

  • Induction Furnace Power Supply

Induction furnaces are an advanced version of electrical powered furnaces. These furnaces are highly energy efficient and can save up to 50% of energy used in smelting and melting of metals and scraps materials. Induction furnaces are integrated with a power supply capable of producing heat with lower rates of heat loss.

Benefits of the Induction Furnace Power Supply

The power supply of induction furnaces offer numerous benefits over other traditional models, such as oil, gas, electric, arc, and cupola furnaces. These benefits include:

  • Stable Electrical Load – Due to the unique design of the inverter, induction furnaces present a stable electrical load to the power Induction Furnace Power Supplynetwork. This reduces the risk of electric shock.
  • Energy Efficiency –The power supply of the induction furnaces are highly energy efficient. These furnaces do not consume excessive power, but enable you to save of energy on the smelting or melting of metals.
  • Cleaner Method of Producing Heat – Induction furnaces use induction heating to produce heat, and melt gold and other metals. Since, there is no use of combustion to produce heat, there are no by-products. Therefore, these furnaces promote a cleaner environment for heating and melting.
  • Well-Controllable Heating System – Induction furnaces optimize a controllable localized heating system which does not emit smoke, dust, or harmful pollutants.
  • Reduces Oxidation Losses – Since induction furnaces do not need combustion to produce heat. These furnaces reduce oxidation losses through induction heating,therefore, resulting in higher yield.
  • Increases Production Rates – The induction method of producing heat works quickly and easily melts gold andother metals, such as copper, iron, aluminum and many more, within a short period of time.
  • Lower Sound Levels – Induction furnaces promote a cleaner and quieter working environment, when compared to other traditional furnaces, such as oil, gas, combustion, arc, and cupola furnaces.
  • Low Refractory – Induction furnaces are available in a wide range of sizes. The more compact the size, the less the refractory materials required.

Other Benefits of Induction Furnaces

The benefits mentioned above prove that the power supply of induction furnaces are much more energy efficient as compared to other furnaces.



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