Induction Furnaces for Steel

  • Induction melting furnace for steel

Induction Furnace for Steel Industries

The induction furnace has revolutionized the steel industry as a whole in recent years. After a long period of decline in recent years due to the economic situation, the induction furnace for steel has breathed new life into this vital industry.

Induction melting furnace for steel
The induction furnace for steel allows factories to produce a much higher quality of steel products than those produced by traditional furnaces such as oil fired furnace or cupola furnace. In addition, the fast and efficient operation of induction furnace technology saves time and money while increasing the numbers of mass produced parts which can be made in a single production run.

Energy efficiency and lower operating costs are the primary considerations for industries to remain in business. In today’s economy, the induction furnace for steel offers more advantages to the industry than any other method of production. Quality steel can be produced which contains no contaminants or impurities because the metal never comes in direct contact with the heating elements.

The induction furnace for steel achieves the precise and accurate temperatures of molten metals. This is the perfect solution for the quality parts needed in the aerospace and engineering industries. The automotive industry has also benefitted from the utilization of induction technology, producing more reliable high tech parts for currently available vehicles.

Other advantages to the induction furnace for steel are the significant decrease in workplace injuries and the reduction of emissions of pollutants into the air. Induction furnaces are normally custom designed for each specific melting application. IGBT Technology, touch control screen, PLC based automation makes an induction furnace simple to operate with more accurate parameter control than any other type of furnace.

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