How Induction Heating Furnaces Can Help Save The Steel and Manufacturing Industry

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There’s no question operational costs for every company within the steel and manufacturing industry are on the rise. Not only are energy costs steadily climbing, but for those organizations paying customs, duty, and input rates, the overhead involved with operating in this industry are at an all time high. This is without considering that many companies in these industries are still recovering from the most recent global recession.Induction heating furnace

A Global Problem

While increased manufacturing costs have affected steel producers all around the world, local companies are also feeling the ‘heat’ as well, though perhaps to a lesser extent. The need to look at more efficient practices, including re-evaluating the types of furnaces being used, is leading the push for US steel manufacturers to think smarter.

The steel industry number – crunchers can see the long-term benefits of switching their heating methods – from furnaces burning non-renewable resources to electric induction furnaces.

The financial advantages, coupled with environmental benefits, make a compelling case for induction heating furnaces.Induction heating furnace for forging

Why Induction Furnaces Can Help Save the Industry

Modern induction heating furnaces are saving those in the manufacturing and steel industry more in expenses than ever before, allowing many factories to keep their doors open and production rolling.

Induction furnaces today are far more efficient than those from even as little as 10 years ago, using significantly less energy and producing far less waste than their older counterparts.

These energy efficient induction heating furnaces are also far more eco-friendly than traditional furnaces, producing far less emissions and pollutants than in the past. This opens up a fantastic marketing opportunity to you: being able to label your company as “eco-friendly”.

Today’s environmentally-conscious consumer wants to ‘be green’ and will more often than not choose to purchase products and materials from manufacturing plants and steel mills which boast environmentally friendly practices. So not only can an induction heating furnace save you money, but it can also be leveraged to increase your profits on the products or materials you’re producing.


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