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  • Benefits of an Induction Bar Heater for Forging

    Induction bar heaters are popular in a variety of different industries. The aim of the induction bar heater is to heat the entire rod to a high temperature. Once the bar is heated, it can be forged into any shape. There are many industries that prefer using the induction technology for heating bar. It is […]



  • Popular Induction Forging Equipment

    Forging is the process of manufacturing metal parts. In order to forging metals usually require a furnace where a metal is heated at high temperatures. Conventional gas or oil fired furnaces require immense energy to get to the desired temperature. This results in an expensive forging process. A cheaper alternative is to use induction heating […]




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  • Induction Furnaces Help Silver Mining Companies

    The mining industry is one of the most energy-intensive manufacturing sectors. Furnaces are widely used across the world in different mining companies for the successful smelting of Gold and Silver metals. Induction furnaces are capable of saving energy in smelting processes when compared to other traditional furnaces. However, heat loss is a factor that mining […]

  • How Induction Furnaces Help Gold Mining Companies

    Induction furnaces are an advanced version of the Electric furnaces. These furnaces have the ability to melt large amount metals without any trouble. This furnace save melting time compare to a traditional furnace. They also have the ability to build up heat, allowing the furnace to reach higher heat levels. This makes it perfect for […]