Benefits Using Induction Furnaces to Recover Precious Metals

Following are main benefits of recovering precious metals using an Induction Furnace

    • Less Consumption of Energy

Induction smelting furnace for precious metal recovery
Precious metals recovery using an induction furnace proves to be cheaper than other methods. This is because induction furnace consumes less energy. The heat generated by an induction furnace is high and the energy consumption is low compare to oil fired furnace. Conservation of energy makes production cheaper. If the metals are produced using cost-effective methods, they can be sold at a lower price.

    • Results Are Much Better

The heating capacity of an induction-based furnace is superior compare to any other type of furnace. It can heat up to extremely high temperatures. There are certain types of furnaces that cannot achieve the temperatures that an induction furnace can. This is why an induction furnace can melt any type of precious metals. In addition, the heat produced in induction based furnaces can easily be controlled. This is a tedious job when it comes to other furnaces.

    • The Process Is Quicker

Precious metals recovery using an induction furnace is faster. This is because induction systems heat up fairly quickly to high temperatures. Traditional melting systems take long time to melt metals.

The use of induction heating systems has had a positive impact on the precious metals’ industry. Processes that normally took few days to be completed can now be done in a few hours.


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