Advantages of an Induction Furnace for Melting Silver Precipitate (Silver Concentrate)

  • Silver precipitate in Induction furnace
  • Induction melting furnace for silver

Finding the right silver melting furnace for a particular application is important. There are several different options on the market toSilver precipitate in Induction furnaceday, but few compare with the ease and control offered by induction furnaces. You don’t have to be a genius to understand how an induction furnace works. Essentially, the power supply generates high frequency current that pass through water cooled copper coil. This coil creates high frequency magnetic flux. These magnetic fluxes pass around the silicon carbide crucibles where the silver precipitate is places. First, the silicon carbide crucibles get hot due to it high resistance. Then, conduction heat transfer occurs between crucible and silver precipitate therefore temperature of silver precipitate increase. Once the temperature of the silver precipitate reaches around 1000 C it start to melt.

The concept is relatively simple and it’s revolutionized the way silver and gold are being melted for use in a variety of applications.

In terms of a silver melting furnace, silver will respond magnificently to induction because silver has the highest level of electrical conductivityInduction melting furnace for silver of any of the elements. It also has the highest thermal conductivity of any other metal. Induction furnaces allow users to heat metals to high temperatures without having to actually apply heat. They are highly efficient in comparison with high-temperature heating furnaces and they allow for very consistent results time and again. Induction furnaces produce very little pollution and their energy efficiency makes them a positively “green” way to go. And finally, for ease of control and automation in a silver melting furnace it would be hard to beat induction. Induction furnaces are all about control and repeatable results. For industrial applications and even medium-sized jobs, this is definitely the silver melting furnace for you.

The technologies used to create induction furnaces are constantly being upgraded because of the inherent advantages that they have to offer. Because silver has properties that make it ideally suited to the use of induction for melting, this is the silver melting furnace of choice for most business owners who want an affordable machine that won’t take up a lot of space.


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