• Induction heating and hardening equipment. Customized equipment for all applications

  • We supply equipment to North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and South Africa

  • Induction Furnaces for Smelting Silver and Gold precipitate for the mining companies

  • Induction Melting Furnace for Foundry and Steel Plant

  • IGBT based Induction furnaces for melting silver, gold, silicon, brass, copper, aluminum, steel



Induction Melting Furnaces

At Electroheat Induction, we provide quality equipment for a variety of industries, customize equipment to suit your unique needs .[...]


Induction Smelting Furnaces for Precious Metals

In your mining operation or precious metal refinery, every gram of precious metal counts. Our induction furnaces[...]


Induction Heating and Hardening Equipment

An alternative to traditional oven or furnace heating, which use convection or radiation methods for industrial[...]


Induction Pipe Heating and Welding Equipment

Electroheat Induction delivers the highest-quality induction pipe heating and welding equipment for your pipe and tube [...]

Induction Furnaces at the Cutting Edge

Electroheat Induction delivers the quality and efficiency you need for your induction furnaces, induction heating and hardening equipment, and induction welding equipment. Our products have applications in a variety of industries and specialties, including:

  • Mining, forging, foundry and metal processing
  • Automotive and aerospace
  • Heat treatment
  • Universities and the R&D sector
  • Defense industries
  • Electronics and solar industries

Our induction equipment and induction furnaces are fully customized for your unique needs. We provide highly efficient equipment for both medium and large applications, with fully automated, self-programmable process cycles for a noticeable increase in production for the same load demand.

Exceptional Quality Induction Furnaces For Your Facility

We use advanced IGBT technology and the latest features for induction heating and hardening equipment and induction furnaces, such as color HMI for improved operator interface. Our custom equipment is low-maintenance and high-impact, designed to decrease your losses and improve production.MSN Business Directory


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